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This part of the estate became Pine Haven Christian Home. Reiss sold the rest of Pinehurst Farm to her grandsons, Peter and David Bachmann.

The two young men operated the property together until 1955 when Peter sold his share to David.

Giant corn stalks together with pumpkins, and sheaths of barley comprised the decorative scheme…the concert under the leadership of Henry Johnson was one of the treats of the evening. Hill, a native of Scarborough, England, was widely known in regional farm circles.

But the grand march, comprised of 608 dancers was the highlight.” Peter Reiss enjoyed his farm and summer home for just fourteen years, passing away on Sept. Peter and Mattie had two daughters, Carita who married Harold Bachmann and Gertrude who married John Corbett. Mattie Reiss continued the operation of the farm after Peter’s death, but in 1930, hired Harry Hill to manage it. He was active in the Wisconsin Holstein Breeders Association and was awarded the Wisconsin Agriculturist gold medal in 1937 as one of Wisconsin’s five outstanding farmers.

At one point the dairy had seven barns and seven houses on 500 acres.

The water tower, erected in 1912, stood 125 feet above the barns and cows it served.

An article in the March 4, 1908, edition of the Sheboygan County News states the following: “Pine Hurst Farms, which is situated partly within the limits of the picturesque village of Sheboygan Falls and part in the town of Lima, is one of the most beautiful and productive farms in the Northwest, consisting of over 400 acres, about 200 of which is under a state of cultivation, 120 in beautiful woods and the balance in natural pasturage, well supplied with water by the Onion River and an abundance of natural springs.” Giddings, a consummate businessman and adventurous Yankee, never stayed very long with one occupation.

He always took an active interest in political affairs.

The remaining property was remodeled into a residence for the aging.

“This was a novel feature that brought forth applause from the dancers as well as the onlookers and the orchestra was called upon for several encores before the lights were turned on…from eight to nine o’clock the full Sheboygan Concert Band was stationed in the south end of the barn on a raised platform.

“Looking down a space of 210 feet on either side were strings of lights shaded by leaves of tinted paper giving a color that harmonized with the entire decorative scheme.

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Reiss upgraded the buildings and in the fall of 1913 the completion of the new 210-foot long barn was celebrated with a barn dance hosted by the Reiss family. Peter Reiss at a barn dance at their country home at Pinehurst last evening.